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How to get into college. For adults. The Intro (part 1)

Starting today the site will feature a long form discussion of how to get into college and earn a bachelors degree specifically tailored to adults who are facing the same challenges as everyone else in today's economy. Enjoy!

The Intro

I've noticed that there are countless methods available for getting into a “good” college that all include taking AP classes and hundreds of community service and extra-curricular whatever while somehow making it to football practice, theater club, debate club, and being the class president or secretary. But what if you're like me and high school was an utter blow off filled with band and choir classes, skipping as many days as you could get away with, sitting in the back of class taking naps or doodling. Then after miraculously graduating going off into the real world because “I don't need college, I'll just go to work!” I remember when I was in high school, that all my friends and myself would get projects weeks before, blow them off until the last second and then hammer something together the night before it was due just to get another A and applauds from the teacher who assumed that the project was given weeks of attention. I also remember barely scraping a C or sometimes a D out of those classes because even though I could ace tests, and put together excellent reports and projects, I never did the tedious day to day homework that miraculously counted for more of a percentage of your grade than anything else. The irony will be touched on later. But I digress.
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A discussion of the ownership of music

Ownership of music, or intellectual property in general has been heatedly argued in the last century. The discussion of the ownership of ideas ultimately comes down to who is going to profit the most. The history of intellectual property (IP from here on) is laden with preconceived notions. One of the primary notions, which seems to fly in the face of creativity as well as history is that once a thought has been documented, the person who owns that idea is privy to complete domination of that idea regardless of whether their ideas are original.

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Ahhhhh the internets


From the site administration:

Due to the nature of the internet, the comment posting, and account creation have effectively been disabled.

For now.

So, until this group of advertising spammers finally decide to annoy some other site, to create an account and post here just fire off an email to the sysadmin and it will be approved almost immediately.

Thanks for coming here for explanaitions of the inexplicable, and coming soon, the new look!


Oh btw, if your account got deleted and you think we were wrong, sorry, just send the sysadmin a message with your username and we'll fix that mistake. There was a rash of fnuiqbfvqeroubglksdjbv type account names and they were deleted en masse, so I suppose you understand where we were coming from. Thanks again!

OK, so I loathe CAPTCHA as much as the next guy, but it seems to have done the trick. Comment posting is back up for the foreseeable future, given that the spammers have gone away. Coming soon, more articles that lift the veil from life's most inexplicable mysteries!
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High Frequency Trading, in a nutshell

The New York Times touches ever so briefly on the subject, and nearly comes close to describing exactly what is happening in the markets today when they posted the following article,


From the article: "...Mr. Arnuk, 46, and Mr. Saluzzi, 45, (had) contributed to the hair-raising flash crashes and computer hiccups that seem to roil the markets with alarming frequency. Many ordinary Americans have grown wary of the stock market, which they see as the playground of Google-esque algorithms, powerful banks and secretive, fast-money trading firms."
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Rachel Brown, Consciously Dreaming Debut Album

Rachel Brown's debut album, "Consciously Dreaming" features a nicely refreshing indie pop girl whose natural range soars through uplifting and fun music!

The music presented here shows catchy, intrinsic talent free of the innuendo invasive in modern pop music. Talented musicianship and uplifting messages, clearly from the heart of an innocent and sweet artist, saturate her offering.

This is a delightful and captivating album that will quickly be found at the top of many indie pop playlists.

You can preview and purchase the album through iTunes, and Amazon.com!

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All the good cops have been laid off


Disoriented woman tased on her own property because the police sent to investigate are being convinced that every one of their charges are out to kill them or worse, get them laid off.

It would seem true: all the good cops have quit, or have been laid off.

CPR is generally no longer being taught in first aid courses, common manual life saving methods being replaced by AED defibrillator use. In the same sense, police appear to have forgotten how to verbally work out problems, instead relying solely on "non-lethal" options.

I am deeply concerned for a police force that has lost their ability to resolve situations in a reasonable manner.

Realistically though, police departments are facing massive pressure from state levels to "look busy."
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Labor force nonparticipants: What are they doing?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics April 2012 Employment Situation report, "Nonfarm payroll employment rose by 115,000 in April, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 8.1 percent..."

Why does it matter?

The statistics shown in this report are

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Schadenfreude: pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.
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Are corporate leaders psychopaths by definition?

"This Must See Very Unique Video sheds light on the human mental condition in every day life from the common Citizen to the Corporate Leaders.Unmasking the Psychopath,Many will find this video quite insightful,A must watch video that should be shared with all who thirst for such knowledge."

-THEWAY2TRUTH, on youtube.com

Props to: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/
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Open Sourced Car!

In 3 months Wikispeed, working as an open sourced project, designed and built a full car from ground up. This compared to major manufacturing companies taking years to complete. The discovery in designing this vehicle was that federal regulations here in the US require countless features that while sound good on paper, only make designing a functioning car more onerous. Staying within the confines of federal regulations, the task becomes less of what and how to build a new and innovative vehicle, and more a task of appeasing the inspectors set on controlling the processes put in place by major companies.


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