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Michigan House bill could limit some repair options

House bill to limit used auto parts

The Michigan Senate recently passed a bill effecting what parts can be used to repair certain vehicles.

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WKUF News - 25May2016

WKUF News - 25 May 2016

-Fast Start program to replace Flint pipes on hold
-DNR ok's campfires
-Significant arrests made in IRS phone scam case
-Twitter changes their character count
-Science is experimenting with creating human animal hybrids
-Snyder declares energy emergency

The Daily Radio News broadcasts on WKUF 94.3 in Flint, MI starting at 7:00 a.m.
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WKUF News - 24 May2016

24 May 2016

-MLK Fire Station water distribution site closing
-TSA's head of security removed
-House to consider IRS head's impeachment
-VA head blows off wait times for care
-FBI wants to hide biometric database from privacy act

WKUF News can be heard weekdays starting at 7am on WKUF 94.3 in Flint.
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WKUF News - 19 May 2016

The Daily Abbreviated News
on WKUF 94.3 Flint

-KWA pipeline still a year out
-New standards being taught to prevent Legionella
-Senate passes bill allowing 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia
-New federal overtime rule
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WKUF News - 18 May 2016

The Daily Abbreviated News
on WKUF 94.3 in Flint

-Snyder responds to Washington committee questions
-Detroit Police to wear body cameras
-USSC rule on naked short selling
-Mozilla denied intervention on TOR vulnerability
-Iraq censors and shuts down entire internet
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WKUF news - 17 May 2016

The Daily Abbreviated News
on WKUF fm 94.3

-Snyder says he doesn't remember deleting any emails
-Senate likely to advance Zika funding
-CIA "accidentally" destroys Senate torture report
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WKUF News - 16 May 2016

The Daily Abbreviated News
on WKUF 94.3 Flint for 16 May 2016

-Genesee County household hazmat recycling
-GM misstates fuel economy, halts sale of several lines
-China downplays US military report
-Win10 allegedly being pushed without permission
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WKUF News - 13 May 2016

The Daily Abbreviated News - 13 May 2016
on 94.3 WKUF Flint, MI

-Snyder supports return to Flint autonomy
-State to pay May water bill
-Medicaid expansion may be available to non-residents
-Mozilla sues FBI for info on Firefox flaw


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