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Liberians fear for stability after Taylor verdict

Following up on the video posted here earlier, "The Vice Guide to Liberia" http://abjectsomething.com/node/59# a report out of Liberia indicates that the former president Charles Taylor, was found guilty of war crimes.

By Zoom Dosso (AFP)

MONROVIA — Liberians shed few tears for Charles Taylor after their ex-president was found guilty of war crimes Thursday but there were fears his conviction could undermine a still fragile peace.

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BBC now admits Al Qaeda never existed

I'm just not sure how to feel about this video. According to the report, the word Al-Qaeda literally means "the database." Or in this case, a database of jihadists who fought the Russians during their invasion in the 1980's. The report argues that the American CIA used the attack in 2001 to further their own agenda, the PATRIOT ACT, and blamed Al-Qaeda in order to continue other agendas including the over throw of Hussein in Iraq, the installation of Karzai in Afghanistan, and the ouster of the Islamist Government in Somalia, among many others.
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How to beat Terrorhedron, in a nutshell -Part 3, End Game

Part 1: Opening Strategies http://abjectsomething.com/node/69

Part 2: Mid-Game http://abjectsomething.com/node/72

The last two tutorials have been fairly straight forward in that each round has a specific strategy to color by numbers, stay in the lines and then win.

Following this piece by piece instruction set would become incredibly tedious for the remaining rounds. Instead, we're going to give the theory behind causing as much
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XKCD.org Approximations

For those that are math nerds, Randall Munroe who makes XKCD created a chart of approximations that are commonly used by college professors and high school teachers alike.
He notes, "Two tips: 1) 8675309 is not just prime, it's a twin prime, and 2) if you ever find yourself raising log(anything)^e or taking the pi-th root of anything, set down the marker and back away from the whiteboard; something has gone horribly wrong."

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How can I protect my computer and ensure that it's safe?

First off, you need to test your system against a fake Internet virus attack, and PC port attack.
This website will test to see how good your system stands up.


If your system doesn't stand up to the test perfectly, you may want to think about my suggestions below.

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Bill Hicks

Is there anything more that needs to be said? Bill Hicks. Brilliant commentator, critic and philosopher of modern society, all hidden behind the guise of a stand-up comic. Died almost 20 years ago, but is still spot on relevant every year since. I've personally heard his works countless times, and honestly believe everyone should at one point hear what he has to say.

*Explicit Content: The following performances contain ideas that are contrary to what is commonly accepted in polite company, also he swears a bit*

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The h.a.n;D Clan Vs. GTAIV

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The infiltration of Satan, and her inevitable victory

After watching the video posted before this, http://abjectsomething.com/node/73
I find it to be... something, that while I had once fretted over and postulated a theory that literally altered my being and haunted me for years, I come to see a similar theory babbled on in some conspiracy theory video as a throw away comment. I'm referring to the idea that the phenomenon of "aliens from another world existing among us", when in fact, there
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A decent Christian opinion framework on conspiracy elements.

I enjoyed this video, to my recollection, none of it came into direct conflict with what i know and believe about Christianity. It makes mention of the Biblical account of the "Nephilim" (Genesis 6:4), a breed of fallen angel and human that could have been the basis for many, if not all, of humanities ancient myths and legends.

Props to: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com

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How to beat Terrorhedron, in a nutshell -Part 2, Mid-Game

Part 1: Opening Strategies http://abjectsomething.com/node/69

Part 3: End Game http://abjectsomething.com/node/79

In the last tutorial we looked at how to stay alive with the minimal resources available. Now, we enter into the mid-game where resources are slightly more available and setting up for the end game run begins.

Round 12:

Between the Plasma Turret, the level 2 EMP Turret, and all of the level 2


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