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6 Kinds of Pills Big Pharma Tries to Get You Hooked on for Life

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Fun article, basically asks: why cure actual sicknesses when curing the symptoms are so much more profitable?

"6 Kinds of Pills Big Pharma Tries to Get You Hooked on for Life"
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The Book - Ch. 3

Another regulation? I can't believe it, it's already nearly impossible to get any work done in the first place. Something has to change, no one outside of a select few are able to get anywhere in life. “Maybe we're not in the field we're supposed to be in. We could always do that state run aptitude test.” What a bone head Carl could be. Anything the state sets up as a free experiment is bound to have the worst possible side effects.

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The Book

Where to begin? I suppose it all starts in the middle, as this type of story always does.

Two weeks ago my friends and I all got bored and decided to see what our aptitudes were. “Find out what you're good at! Don't waste time and money on the wrong degree! Learn a new path in life! Only takes a week!” the brochure said. Of course we also knew this was ultimately a brochure from the military, but hey, there were no commitments, had all the potential benefit in the world, and it was free!

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ThC Radio Ep. 1

Inaugural episode (well, the first one someone remembered to hit record) of The h.a.n;D Clan Radio. Topics include the demise of Las Vegas, the disparity of incomes in America, the cost of food, natural remedies, colon cleansing, and many others.

down in the mp3 player.
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Russian troops being sent to Colorado for "training exercise"

The article: Wolveriiiiiiines!!!

Why is Obama allowing foreign troops, especially the Russian military, on to United States soil? Seriously, who keeps voting for this guy?
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Tarp Overseer Debunks Bailout Myths: Big Companies HAVEN’T Repaid Tarp Funds … And Funds to Help Homeowners HAVEN’T Been Disbursed

In what has become the biggest inside joke to the major banks and various multi-national corporations, the TARP bailout that purportedly was paid back years ago has shockingly not been paid back.

From washingtonblog.com:
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The Higgs-Boson Explained, by PhD Comics

This movie was created and is owned by PhD Comics.

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The 10 companies that make "Everything"

A full size picture is available at http://www.geekologie.com/2012/04/25/parent-companies-large.jpg
With so many brand names in circulation that are more recognizable than the founding fathers of this country, it would seem that there were equally as many companies. The shocking truth is that there are in fact only TEN companies that own and create ostensibly every main stream product.


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